Collaboration Frustrations

I have collaborated on projects before successfully, but now when I need it to it is not coming to pass, yet again brick walls are hit with the poets becoming silent.  This has caused me to have yet another rethink to both the collaboration assignment, and the rethink.

The stereoscopic plan for collaboration is now my Rethink, a good strong fit due to its new technical nature and how thinking about composition needs to be vastly different, so this opens Collaboration up to new possibilities as we go into the new term and ever closer to the deadlines.

Each element of The British Heritage Project is partnered with a short film, the soundtrack I plan to be traditional folk song.  These songs I am finding and drawing from The Full English archive, a free to use public archive of the vast collection of folk songs collected through the end of the 19th century and start of the twentieth by Val Williams, Cecil Sharp among others.  I originally planned to record these myself, but I am now trying to contact various folk musicians (both friends or friends of friends and pros) to record some of these songs.  I still want to be on them as being central in the production of all three mediums of the project is of importance to me.  So far we have:

  1. The Dry Stone Wallers: The Walls of Cambria (1829)
  2. The Competition Farrier: The Farrier's Song (1890)
  3. The Silversmith: Gold or Silver (Street Cry) (c1890)
  4. The Brewer: Glorious Beer (Year Unknown)
  5. The Stone Mason: The Stone Cutter's Boy (1906)

The following topics are lined up for the coming year

  1. The Bee Keeping Year: The Bee (c1890) / The Fly and the Bumblebee (1922)
  2. Willow Weaving: Down by the Salley Gardens (Year Unknown)

There are several musicians interested so this has possibilities.