I'm still here just been busy!

Knew it had been a while since I had posted, but not this long! Busy term at work, students graduating, end of year show, internal politics, college merging with nearest rival, it goes on and on. In regards to my MA this term has been a challenge, the rest of the year I have been able to attend 50% of sessions timetabled, this term due to shifts to allow for input from other tutors I have been able to attend nothing at all! iOS has been a killer, I have been looking forward to being able to have input from some of these guys in particular but not been able to.  

When I explained this to them via email they have been great, particularly Lewis and Paul. Lewis gave up time to do a 1:1 to allow me to get started on the projects and this week I hope to get to at least one other session amongst some of my students resorting exams and BTEC SRFs due. To consolidate the last few months:

  1. Collaboration: initial plan isn't feasible, Brian May has been very supportive but no room for collaboration here and I can't get to the original images or get permission from the LSC to work with them- though he has offered to give me a tour of the location for the williams work.   new plan is to collab with a poet friend (Meg) in regards to canal network and present based on williams in a pastiche. 
  2. Rethink: continuation of BHP but experiment with process in regards to more static crafts, 35mm isn't working for these, maybe slowing my process to match is what's needed. The farrier had a frenzy to it: 35mm worked, the silversmith I tried the same but moments of frenzy matched with stillness, the results were not as strong - 120 would of been better. And the yarn spinning? 35mm was a failure here, but maybe. 5X4 is the right solution. In need to do a test shoot to be sure. 

This has been a strange term, lots of nothingness due to work and family

commitments. But my reading has commenced again, and planning continues. This summer and into the new term the current briefs will take shape I am sure. 

The collab with German students came to an unfortunate end, she stopped posting half way through and it ended up being a solo. The final stage I truest looked forward to but it never came to pass. A true pity