Back with the Loom

Another busy week, the moving house is inally over, just unpacking to do, film from the farrier all scanned ready for next weeks group tutorial and contact sheets done in the darkroom too. 

Farrier contact sheets

Farrier contact sheets

Today (after giving back the keys to the old flat) I returned to Freya Jones, today was much more successful where I shot 2 and a half rolls of Fomapan 400 in the Voigtlander as well as a couple of shots on the digital.  It's an interesting challenge, the shift from the intensity of a farrier's forge, to the spinning wheel such as today. One is the process of intensity and speed, the other is a much more sedate slow craft where spinning enough yarn for a jumper would at best take about 2 days.  

I do however like the links between all sections of the BHP so far, the dry stone walls repaired are on the canal network used for the textile mills in the north, these canals used to see boats pulled by horses that need to be shod, transporting the materials needed at the spinning wheels and looms at the textile mills in Rochdale and Todmorden. 

Tomorrow I drive northwards to document an Alpaca farmer. I will still take film, but I feel this one at least for now will be shot digitally.