Person at Work, Shoot two

After the success of Saturday (Just finished scanning in the 5 rolls of film) on Sunday saw me following a recommendation to a local weaver who has just set up her own business of demonstrating, teaching, as well as sales of looms and her own hand died yarns.  Freya Jones when I spoke to her about the project was more than happy to get involved and very excited bout the concept of BHP, this however had a negative effect as she was very keen to show and explain the entire history of weaving making it very difficult to get the photographs I hope for, there are some I think on a film yet to be processed but for now this was not the success I had hoped for.  My plan is for a second visit where now that she has explained everything will hopefully allow me to be the observer I intend.

She also passed on some other unusual artisan crafts and those who practice them in the local area, giving me more scope to work with.  I have some others to chase up that should be good examples for the coming week, or so I hope.