RETHINK: Progress made, Traveling one day on Carla, and a week long shoot on 'Mad as a Hatter'

I made contact made with Baz via facebook, who invited me to join him traveling from Lock 88 (Uxbridge, Swan and Bottle Pub) up to Batchworth, Rickmansworth.  the film is now back from Peak Imagaing and looking good, I will start to scan tonight - should be another 5 or so finals here at least. 

This last week was spent living aboard a rental and traveling from Gayton to Braunston and back. This involved (each way) 13 locks and a tunnel.  Along the way we had some engine problems in the form of a net wrapped around the prop, the local Waterways Chaplin helped to clear, he alsoa greed to stand for a portrait with his wife (also a waterways chaplin) and dog.  Intervior views inluding the galley, sitting area of Carla, the kitchen stove of our hire boat: Mad as a Hatter.  Portraits of the Waterways Chaplains, other boaters and boat based craftsmen, the wildlife along the canal, other boats, inside locks and tunnels, boats being refilled at a marina, refilling the drinking water.  5 Rolls from this last week currently on their way to the pro-lab, 1 more still in the camera. 

There are some views I still want to get:

  • coalboat deliving hard fuels
  • the worn grooves in the metal plates protecting bridges (these are caused by the tow ropes between horse and barge before the boats went steam.

Now upo to 44 finals not including anything fgrom Carla and Mad as a Hatter, with these I should be now close to the final set of 59.

Printing is successful with the first 27 printed and now heat press mounted and ready to be cut.  The second batch is now half ready.