The Start Of The MA

This week the MA started in earnest, so far we have not had much opportunity to get to know each other, however I have had contact with one or two of the group prior to this mornings meet and greet tutorial. 

It is very odd to present work in this way, looking at a screen, sitting in the staffroom with headphones on and essentially talking to yourself - feels like you are almost rehearsing lines.  The work I have been able to see in seminar this morning is wide and varied and gives me hope for an exciting couple of years with everyone having very different views and ideas of what Documentary photography is.  AlthoughI have had to leave the session early due to teaching commitments the diversity from Hazel's Box Brownie landscapes of the north, through to journalistic photography in Asia and Europe gives a glimpse of the potential available to me through critique and Peer to Peer tutorials.

Our first assignment is 'The Person at Work', following the same principles from Newport University.  3 shoots, 2 weeks, approximately 3 rolls of film worth at each.  Due to not wanting to put The B.H.P on hold, I aim to shoot as much of this on film rather than digital.  I have contacted a local armourer who works in a traditional way and should hopefully have that confirmed by this afternoon, this will be for the BHP, my other 2 shoots will perhaps be digital due to the short timeframe.

I will update after the weekend's photoshoots.  Perhaps I will blog scans of the Moleskine instead of writing this twice...