Western Reportage in Comparison to Russian and Eastern Bloc Photojournalism Between 1941 and Current Day (2015)

Essay examining the flow of influence in Documentary photography through the Iron Curtain.

Living in the Third Age (2010)

The life of a fully independent 93 year old lady in a deprived area of North London shown here that being elderly does not necessarily mean weakness or dependant on others.

The Commuters (2010)

The Commuters Every day on average 3.4 million people travel through the 11 lines of 270 stations on the London Underground, commuting to work, social events or shopping in the capital. This is series of sketches document the people and views during a commute from the outskirts of the city, into its centre on a daily basis.

The Thirteenth Hour (2009)

A study of the passing through the hidden days between Mid-night and Midnight.